I took my daughter to a grief support group today for the first time. For the last 6 years, since our son passed away, we’ve been so focused on making sure she has the support she needs and recently realized one of the most important pieces to the puzzle of grief was knowing she wasn’t the only child who had experienced loss. I was so excited to take her to this support group… until the faciliator mentioned that I stay as well and participate in the parent portion of the group. I’ve never ever wanted to participate in a group therapy session. Sign me up for hours of individual therapy but put me in a group? …. no thanks. It’s never settled well with me and the idea of it makes me nauseous. But of course I went because I’d do anything for my daughter. And it was actually surprisingly well run and I left very impressed with the entire program. Super sad, emotional and exhausting, but good. Anywayyyyy one of the questions that the therapist asked was how we find balance in taking care of ourselves and making ourselves a priority. I shared with them that I have found exercise to be very therapeutic. It’s my ‘me time’, my moment alone, my time to grieve.

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