Though I am always more than willing to share ‘my story’, it’s always hard for me to do so unless I am asked. I guess I assume that people don’t care if they don’t ask, so I don’t easily spill information about my life. This guy here is my support crew and I hold him close to my heart. Again, always more than willing to share about our life when people ask, harder for me to just put it out there. I also feel like his story is not my story to share. But today I share it, in hopes of perhaps helping others, or finding others who are experiencing the same diseases. #Very long story short: My husband has been living with severe chronic back pain for 1 1/2 years now. He has been to every single doctor possible and his case was even presented in front of 30 back/spine doctors at a conference as well. No one knew what was wrong or where the pain was coming from. To watch him go from being an extremely active person to being completely bedridden on some days has been absolutely heart breaking. I could go on and on. . . #After 1.5 years he has finally been diagnosed with an auto immune disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS), which is a form of reactive arthritis where the joints of the spine can fuse due to the immune system attacking these joints. The disease (typically) only occurs in people who have the HLA-B27 gene, which he does. It only occurs in 8 percent of caucasians and an estimated 88 percent of people with AS are HLA-B27 positive, yet only a fraction of HLA-B27-positive people will develop AS. Lucky him huh? Recent findings suggest that it’s caused by an infection by the bacteria klebsiella pnuemonae. Klebsiella looks similar to the HLA-B27 which confuses the body and causes it to manufacture antibodies to its own tissues in a process called Molecular Mimicry. So the body thinks it’s attacking the bacteria but it’s also attacking the spine. The food source for Klebsiella is starch. When one eats starchy foods (such as bread, potatoes, cakes and pasta), the Klebsiella bacteria feeds and multiply. The immune system then makes antibodies against it. So he is now on a non starch diet in hopes of lessening the pain and symptoms. *cont. below…

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