What goes up must come down (And dang I love going FAST down the hills!!!).#This hill has been one I have tried to avoid in the past because it’s steep and there are switchbacks that make you think you’re at the top when you’re really not, and it’s HARD!! But it’s all a mental game. So instead of avoiding it I’ve been trying to face it head on; and I wouldn’t say it’s getting easier but I think I’m getting stronger. #Our #angelbaby Lincoln’s birthday was yesterday. He would have turned 8 years old. I often think of grief as I do these hills. The hills never get less steep, but you learn how to manage it and as you do, you get stronger. Grief never changes or goes away. It is always hard and steep. But as it has become part of who I am, I’ve found ways to cope, to manage it and become stronger. However, just like this hill I rode up yesterday, on my son’s birthday, grief sucks and it hurts so bad no matter how you face it. #showupeveryday #lisforlincoln #spinninghearts #cheaperthantherapy #mybikeismytherapy

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