“Today I asked my body what she needed. I thought she might need more water. Or protein. Or greens. Or yoga. Or supplements. Or movement. But as I stood in the shower, reflecting on her stretch marks, her roundness where I would like flatness, her softness where I would like firmness, all those conditioned wishes that form a bundle of never-quite-right-ness, She whispered very gently:Could you just love me like this?” -Hollie Holden #I had a moment yesterday while shopping for swim suits ? where I could see every flaw in my body starring back at me in those horrible dressing room mirrors. I began to pick apart each thing I saw and didn’t like, or wished it looked differently, or hoped it would go away. And then I stopped myself. And remembered that my body works hard each and every day to help me feel good physically, but more importantly mentally. And it grew 4 beautiful children who I am able to run around with at the park, and it helps me stand on my feet all day as I teach those sweet children with special needs, who brighten my day. So I took a moment to say thank you. And remembered to love myself. And the body that I have been given. And for my health and strength.

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