This is basically how I felt when I swam a 1:22 100y split for the first time in the pool this morning. #I grew up swimming competitively and I loved it but I really wasn’t very good. I was just ok. ….Hmmm perhaps it had something to do with always finding excuses to delay jumping in the water for practice ? (sorry coaches!) And perhaps over time I became faster, and I’m sure I had seasons that were better than others but I never remember a time where I had a moment of feeling stronger, faster and better. Until today, at the age of 39 . It’s been MONTHS of feeling ‘stuck’ at my same pace and wondering why I never felt I was getting any better. Suddenly today I looked at the clock and couldn’t believe my eyes. I improved my 100y pace by over 5 seconds. …. too bad there weren’t thousands cheering for me . None the less I was thrilled and all the early morning swims suddenly feel worth it. #trustintheprocess

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