I was having some pain in my legs after my long runs recently so back to my PT/run coach I went. She took video of my form on the left and said ‘well you look like you’re not even running anywhere ’. Lots of homework, stretching and miles later my form looks much better and she said now I look like I’m running in motion and actually going somewhere. 🏼‍♀️ Although I am able to now run much more often and for longer periods of time from even a year ago, I still have a mental block around running. I need to stop looking at my long runs with dread and doubt that I won’t be able to hit my paces or that It will be too hard and I might not make it. I need to believe in the hard work, in my potential, my strength and in myself, and push past the mental block of what I THINK I’m capable of. You can never get faster if you’re always running the same speed (or in my case not running anywhere at all! ). Keep pushing yourself to get faster and stronger. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. And results will come. #showupeveryday

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