Such a perfect day for a long bike ride. This was my 5th time doing the #7hillsofkirkland bike ride (although last year I did the 50 mile route instead of 40). The added 5 miles today was biking to the event and back home again. (I then did a quick run following the 45 miles ?‍♀️). I had 3 long hours to reflect on the other times I’ve done this event. The first year I did it, it RAINED the entire time. It was horrible weather and I was soaking wet from head to toe. The next time I did this ride we had our Lincoln with us! Shane came and met us at the half way rest stop and I have a picture of Lincoln being there. That was one of the only races he came to. Each year is a little different, based on the weather and what I’m training for. But overall I feel stronger and my time improves and that has been fun to see. It’s also nice to know what is ahead and what to expect. Especially because it’s a really hilly course (and really there are way more than 7 hills!!!)

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