I run because I’ve been a runner my whole life. It just took me a few decades to realize it. 🏼‍♀️#Since high school, when I first injured my knee, I’ve been told by multiple sports medicine doctors that I’ll never be a runner. And I believed them, so decades later I’m still working to change my mind set and believing in what I actually CAN be. My 11 year old daughter often lists off what she wants to be when she grows up, which includes a very extensive list of careers such as a wildlife biologist, veterinarian, teacher, actress, and of course an olympic swimmer. I tell her she can be anyone she wants to be!!! You go girl!! So why can’t I be a runner?!! It is taking time for me to believe in myself. Each long run I have I worry before I go, I drag my feet and dread getting started. A mile in I remember how much I love it! And remind myself that I AM a runner. And I CAN do this. #trustandbelieve

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