Steep climbs lead to great views!!! ..Today was my last long-ish run before race day!! I’m excited for the day but my coach emailed me today and reminded me of something very important to keep in mind: ‘at the end of the day, remember that this race is more than about just the day. It is about your journey to get here, the why you decided to do this kind of a race, the months of balancing life, kids, work, sickness and training. So don't forget to reflect on all the hard work you've done this year and the support you got from family and friends to make this happen.’ Sooo true and perfectly said. It brought tears to my eyes (perhaps I’m a bit emotional this week….#taperproblems) It has been an incredible learning experience for me, in soooo many ways. It’s been an amazing journey and something I’m proud of. #bringiton ?‍♀️??‍♀️?‍♀️

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