For the last 7 months I’ve had my weekly workouts planned out for me, down to each minute and mile. Each Sunday night I looked through the week ahead, sometimes feeling overwhelmed, wondering how I would fit it all in, but day by day, as each workout was completed the box turned green and I moved to the next day. Seeing all the green boxes on Saturday night was thrilling, as strange as it may sounds. Not every week was perfect, in fact many were not, but even so, I kept plugging along, gaining strength, endurance and confidence in what I was capable of. I’m missing this structure so much, and anxious to find a routine again. In the mean time I’m processing and planning. My coach was amazing and helped guide me through the process up to race day. I texted her after my race to ask her what she thought of me doing another (or an actually!) 70.3. She was encouraging but cautioned me to consider the time commitment training takes, while balancing my family, a new job and life!! She said most of all I need to decide if my heart is in it, like it has been the last 7 months. 🤔 There’s always next year. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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