I completed one last olympic triathlon for the season today and it was a fun one! I’ve done the course 3 times now so I knew what to expect and could push a little harder. I came in 2nd in my age group so that was a fun surprise. #Proceeds for this race go to the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). In the past I’ve always thought this was pretty cool, but as I’ve watched one of my dear friends navigate this new world of having a child diagnosed with diabetes throughout the last year I have to admit that I had NO CLUE not only the stress and heart ache that comes along with this diagnosis but also the expense and daily process of caring for this disease. My friend @reese330 has been amazing about educating those in her life a little about her experience, as well as the incredible things the JDRF does for families with children who have diabetes. Today as I pushed myself, especially during the run (always my hardest part of a race) I thought of sweet Reese, as well as my sister in law, and all of those who deal with diabetes on a daily basis and was reminded that I could so something hard for a few hours if they deal with something much more challenging every minute of every day. Reese and her mama are examples of strength and determination, who endure and find positive ways to deal with a very difficult trial. Much love to you and your family Sandi .

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