Although I mostly post on here about my fitness goals and journey I am a mother first and foremost. That takes priority over everything. So how do I get it all done? I DON’T!! My house is often a mess and I hop off the bike sometimes to run my kids to school before rushing back home to finish a workout. It’s all about priorities and what is important to you. If it’s important you’ll find a way! I’m far from an expert and stumble my way though. I often fail, pick myself up and try again. I sometimes get discouraged when I see other amazing moms I follow on Instagram who appear to do it all and totally have it together. Or do they? Maybe not. We all struggle. We all have challenges. Each one different. I love @brookeericksonfitness idea of having a ‘No Comparison November’ challenge, so I’m hopping on board. Join me!!! .Being a mom is hard work!! And amazing! And heart breaking! And the best job I have!! I wouldn’t change a thing and feel blessed each day for these amazing children I love. But it’s still super challenging. Let’s lift each other up, and lift ourselves up!! If you start comparing yourself to another mom, STOP 🛑. Be kind to those around you but also to YOURSELF. I know, it’s not easy. It takes work. So each day try again, work hard to compliment yourself and gosh dang it remember you’re superwoman 🏼. #nocomparisonnovember

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