I show my scars so that others may know that they can heal. .Soon after our son died I became a little obsessed with reading blogs of other mothers who had lost children. Looking back I realize that was a coping mechanism for me; to read that they survived and found happiness in their life again, and were still living and life would be ok again some day. I don’t often share about the loss of our son, or the grief and heart ache that goes along with it, not because I don’t like talking about it but because I find that people don’t know what to say. But that’s the thing- I don’t share this heart ache and loss for people to feel sorry for me! I share it in hopes that perhaps other mothers who are struggling in life- maybe with a loss of a loved one, or maybe some other totally different heart breaking trial- can see that they too will be ok!!! And if I can get through struggles, so can you!.I always try and be real ….and real for me right now is that last week was tough and I was struggling. And sometimes it’s ok to show that as well. As always, grief hits and sometimes it knocks me down hard. And it’s always unexpected, so it throws me off. I forget how difficult the holidays can be without Lincoln here. And although there’s so much joy and happiness, there’s always a tiny bit of sadness too. But I can do hard things. And so can you! And we will always come out the other side a little stronger than before. ? #showupeveryday #icandohardthings #nocomparisonnovember #lisforlincoln

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