You are the youngest you will ever be in your life right now. #noexcuses I often hear “I’m too old to ________” and as my birthday approaches I’ve been thinking a lot about this. I started a new job where I’m being trained by people who are younger than me. And with my 12 year old I was the “young” mom but with my 5 year olds I am definitely NOT. I have goals and I still daydream and sometimes I catch myself thinking ‘what’s the point? I’m old.’ And then I stop myself. No! Age is just a number. Why can’t I have dreams after age 40?I read this book and it is soooo good!! Perhaps I loved it even more since I grew up swimming and appreciate the little details @swimdara throws in about life as a swimmer. And perhaps I LOVED how my husband (who listened to it also) suddenly realized I am not the only person who doesn’t think it’s strange to change out of a swim suit on the pool deck, without being noticed. Regardless, it is a GOOD read!! Who says you can’t learn something new, change careers, set goals, or accomplish dreams at any age. There is no time like the present!! #showupeveryday #ageisjustanumber #daratorres

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