How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are? -Satchel PaigeI am 41 years old today but if I didn’t know that I don’t think I would say I was that age. I think I would say 25. My sweet 92 year old grandma, who was a dancer and could do the splits until she was like 70, always says she never feels as old as she is and that’s the hard part of getting old. She still feels like she can do things that her actual 92 year old self can’t do so well anymore. I’m always inspired by those who I see at triathlons, that have the age 75, 76, 77 written on their calf. I sure hope I am still completing triathlons at age 78. Because why not? After all, I bet if I asked, those people wouldn’t say they feel their age either. Life is precious. It can change in an instant- as I know all too well. There are no redos. Enjoy the journey. #noexcuses #showupeveryday

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