The Olympic distance triathlon I completed today wasn’t about winning, or getting on the podium. It wasn’t about getting another medal or adding to the list of tris I’ve done this season. Proceeds from this event go to the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). So for me, this race today was for those in my life who have diabetes. I ran in honor of them. We need a cure. A dear friend of mine has a little girl who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a few years ago and she has been diligent about educating those, like me, who had NO idea what life with diabetes looks like and the toll it takes on these children, their families and the daily adaptation required to live “normal” lives. For example, having to call ahead when going to a water park for the day, to make sure they will allow them to bring in their own food, preparing $500 epipen emergency kits to keep at school, meeting with school staff to make sure they are educated, $700 worth of insulin each month, carrying the insulin in a cooler if outside on hot days, etc etc. Sandi describes these facts much more eloquently than I ever could but I sure appreciate her sharing this so that I am more aware. And she doesn’t want pity or people to say sorry. She wants a cure. @t1superheromama ️ to you and your sweet girl. And to all the others I know who deal with this on a daily basis. #showupeveryday

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