I love this photo (?Cred: @tannerscholten thank you!). It’s the first triathlon I’ve done in the POURING down rain and I couldn’t even wear glasses because I could hardly see anything. I decided to make the best of the situation and embraced the mud, dirt and absolute sogginess of the day. Surprising I had a great race and scored a spot on the podium for my age group! . BUT …. real talk: I begging my husband to photoshop out my stomach pooch and was honestly offended when he said absolutely not!! What the heck?! Why not. He replied that I’m beautiful how I am and I preach being real and loving yourself so why would I do that? I was shocked. And then I got it. ….. Yesterday my 5 year old looked at my stomach and said “mom your stomach is pretty fat. And looks funny with all the wrinkles.” I laughed out-loud and then validated what she had observed. But I then said: It’s because I was lucky enough to carry 4 beautiful and perfect babies in this tummy. And it’s true. I do feel lucky. I just forget sometimes. Because I’m human. .I am blessed and honored to be able to do things like ride 20mph in the rain, swim 2 miles a few times a week and run down gravel trails in beautiful forests. I work daily with children who cannot do what I do. Physical movement doesn’t always come easy to everyone. My husband and dear friends of mine struggle daily with chronic pain. Who am I to complain about my wrinkly stomach. I never forget how difficult it was to get pregnant. I never take for granted the fact that I am blessed to be able to lift weights, run after my kids at the park, go on 50 mile bike rides and swim in an ocean. But I’m far from perfect. And sometimes need reminders, like everyone else, that I am blessed. Healthy. Strong. And beautiful. Honor your body every day. Find what you love and focus on that. I see you. I am here. You are loved. #showupeveryday

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