There are two things I hope for, more than anything, for my daughters I am trying so hard to raise successfully: to be kind, and to love themselves. .My 13-year-old came home from school last week and told me she doesn’t like her legs. I asked why and she said because they aren’t skinny like ‘all’ the other girls at school. Uhh excuse me? My heart breaks when I hear these comments. Not only because I wish my teenager wasn’t already comparing her body to other girls, but because I want her to love who she is, regardless of the size of her legs. I want her to see the blessings of having strong and healthy legs, that allow her to walk, run, do gymnastics and bike to the park. But goodness parenting doesn’t come with a manual, unfortunately. I showed her my legs and asked her if she thought my legs look skinny. She said no not really. I then flexed and said how about now? She said no. I then reminded her of my age, and told her that just in that week alone I had run over 15 miles, swam at least 6 and biked almost 100. I didn’t say that to brag or to toot my horn people. I told her that because I feel so lucky to have strong legs that carry me throughout the day. I then gently listed the other things I get to do as a mom, such as walk to the park with my children, carry heavy groceries to the car, lift up the children I work with (who may or may not be able to walk yet!) and run after my children on their bikes. I told her how lucky I feel to have built an igloo on Mt. Rainer and slept in it overnight, swam in the Dead Sea, walked through villages in Africa, hiked to the top of Mt. Sinai to see the sun rise, and biked through the streets in Thailand. The list goes on. Despite my heart aches and trials, my blessings are endless. It’s not about being skinny my sweet girl. It’s about being healthy enough to live a daily life where you GET to move your body and honor your health. And I’m absolutely ok that my legs are not skinny. I just pray she will someday feel the same. ? #blessed

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