A little light dispels a lot of darkness. .It rained all day which seemed to match my mood. Last night a car drove through our front yard and hit our house. The SUV took out 10 foot hedges and pushed a large bolder 5 feet before hitting the house. Then it reversed and took off. The impact was so loud that both neighbors from across the street came outside to see what the noise was and saw the car speed away. It rattled our house and yet NO damage was done to our home. For how fast the car must have been going, it’s a miracle it didn’t come crashing through our front room, where, at that moment, my daughter was sitting on the couch. I feel blessed. And yet I’ve been processing the incident all day. It happened fast but once I realized what was going on I yelled for my daughter to get away from the window, as my immediate thought was that someone, not in their right mind obviously, was outside that window and I had to protect my children. Among all of the emotions I felt throughout my day the darkness around me, both physically and figuratively swarmed around me. But just as the sun was about to set, it peaked out of the clouds, long enough for me to throw on my running shoes and run toward the light. I try and live my life the same way, by following the tiny light among a lot of darkness. And although some days it doesn’t seem like enough, today it was. ?‍♀️ #runningismytherapy #blessed

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