Comparison is the thief of joy. ………..Although I’m a very competitive person, when it comes to my LIFE I am actually not at all. I don’t often compare my life to someone else’s. I do me, you do you. Do I sometimes wish I had a bigger house, and could travel the world on a whim? Sure I do! But I also see the blessings and miracles in my life and recognize how precious each and every day is. #However every once in a while doubt creeps in and I watch other moms on social media who run faster, cook better and have perfectly well behaved children . And I question what I am doing wrong. I recently applied to be an ambassador for a company I love and when I got the denial letter I suddenly felt like I was in high school again and had just been told I didn’t make the varsity team or something. It was a weird feeling. And I suddenly felt annoyed at all of those other amazing triathlon moms who seemed to get chosen, and had their lives in perfect order and had completed a ton of 140.6s.# I recently listened to an amazing podcast about going back to the basics. How can you train for a marathon when you can’t hardly run a 10k without injury or pain? The man said you have no business training for an endurance race if you can’t properly do a squat, a dead lift and a push up with perfect form. I realized this applies to my life, not just how I train for races. What is most important in my life? What really matters and what are my basic core beliefs? It doesn’t matter that I can’t be an ambassador for a clothing company or that I’m not in the top 10 for my age group in a triathlon. My family is my life. My children are what matter most. And my religion and beliefs are the reason I get up each day, and believe I will see my angel son again someday. That is what matters. Those are my ‘basics’. And that is what I need to focus on. …My daughter came in and stood by me while I was on my bike the other day. She looked up and said ‘mommy I just want to hold your hand’. Of course sweet heart. Back to the basics. Learn how to do a squat with good form, before going out and training for an ultra marathon. The basics will get you to that Ultra eventually.

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