I make four lunches a day (for my kids and husband). Sometimes it seems all I do is make lunches and dinners but I love walking the isles of the grocery store and finding new and creative items to send them with. I consider it a fun challenge. #I really struggle with the concept that we as adults TRY and eat healthy and then turn around and give our kids food that is filled with crap. They WILL NOT STARVE. They WILL eat what you feed them. I’ve never felt a need to send them with ‘dessert’ or a ‘treat’. Sometimes they have one but it’s not an expectation. It’s a special surprise. #However our 5th grade daughter has recently started to complain that “all the other” kids come with bags of Doritos and Oreo cookies and it’s sooo not fair. Really? I’ll tell you what is not fair: what is not fair is how the food industry is hiding chemicals and poison in our food and causing cancer. That is what is not fair. The other day I asked my daughter to look up every ingredient in some crackers that she wanted to eat. I told her if she can define each ingredient and still wants to eat them she can have the entire box if she wants. She ate an apple instead. As their mother I consider myself solely responsible for my children’s health. And although I am FAR from perfect and get tired of always saying NO to craptacular food at the store I will continue to pick this battle and fight to the bitter end. #And since our twins are in a nut-free school I’ve had to also get creative with what I send them with. My friends who have children with nut allergies have been a great help with providing new and different ideas. My kids do well with a ‘bento box’ type lunch box because it gives them a good variety and each day it seems novel. I am FAR from perfect and YES my kids have sugar and treats and ice cream. But I’m trying to education them and teach them #balance and #moderation in ALL things. #rantover. #What do you put in your kids lunches? I always welcome new ideas!!

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