I didn’t want to get up early this morning to get a workout in before a busy day ahead of me. I laid there thinking of other times in my day I could try and squeeze it in or reasons why it would be ok to just skip today all together. …..But then I remembered the sweet little boy in the class I’ve been working in the last few days. He quickly stole my heart with his sweet voice and beautiful brown eyes. He calls me ‘Ms. H’ and sings a darling rendition of the wheels on the bus . Cognitively he is a typically developing child, but has cerebral palsy and so therefore is completely dependent on others to help him physically move his body. He can’t stand independently and struggles to lift his head up when seated. He has minimal use of his arms and hands but can grip a large crayon to make scribbles on his page. I’m sure he would love to hop out of bed each morning and run up the playground stairs to slide fast down the slide. So I chose to be grateful for my physical health this day, got out of bed and got a workout in.

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